I started to get interested in photography in the late 1970's. A year or so after the Mount Saint Helens eruption I spent a day getting as near as I could to the devastation. I shot a roll of film I was sure would be spectacular, only to find I had negleted to load the inexpensive point and shoot I was using with film. That is when I bought my first SRL, a used Nikon. I got started when it was still necessary to know how to set f-stops and shutter speed.

While looking through a photo album, I realized I could no longer easily distinguish between 4 x 6 prints I had taken with a digital point and shoot from those taken with my SLR . Shortly thereafter Nikon introduced the D100 which uses the Nikon lenses I have accumulated over the years. I have been 100% digital ever since.

We enjoy traveling the world, and I am never without my camera(s). Eleanor is very patient with me as I often wander off observing the world through the lens of my camera. Perhaps you will like one of them well enough to pass along a comment, or even purchase a print.